There is a difference between pedal board bundles you see advertised that are combined together with other manufacturer’s product to best fit a pedal board and pedal board bundles that are designed to fit with all components from one manufacturer.

The best fit bundles: These are product of different manufactures piece milled together from a dealers stock to best fit a particular board to create a bundle package. This will save you some money, however there is quite often extra work involved due to incompatibility issues, such as power supply mounting, switcher mounting etc…

The designed to fit bundles are just what the phrase implies. Design considerations for bundle packages were in place up front as the product was being deigned.
Save money, save time, and save frustration. Save money by buying as a bundle instead of separately. Save time getting what you need in one bundle. Save frustration by avoiding custom component lock-in and piecemealed parts.

All Accel pedal board products are designed to fit for each Pedal Board Bundle that we sell. We have several options of each model to best suit your needs!