60" Length 3M Dual Lock Strips Model SJ3550


Originally designed as an alternative to hardware mounting, 3M Dual Lock is an excellent option for those guitarists who are looking for a product that holds their effects pedals more securely to their pedal board than the standard hook & loop strips that are so common. Unlike hook & loop strips where there is a separate hook and a loop side, 3M Dual Lock strips are mated from the same single strip, .

Once both mating ends of 3M dual lock are firmly snapped into place (unless you have the strength of a gorilla) you will not be able to pull your pedal directly up and off your pedal board. To remove the pedal you will need to pull at an angle. Closely positioned pedals may require the use of some sort of prying tool to remove a pedal, depending on the strength in your hands. We only mention, since these are the only complaints we have heard of. Personally we love the product.

For power supplies that mount upside down underneath a pedal board (other than actual screw mounting with pre drilled patterns on both the power supply and pedal board as with most of our product) we recommend 3M Dual lock instead of hassling with mounting brackets.

For those who experiment quite a bit by swapping there pedals out regularly, it may be better to use one strip of 3M Dual Lock under the switch end of your pedals and one pedal strip of hook & loop under the knob side.

Strip Length:
60 Inches.

Calculating how much length of 3M Dual Lock you require:
3M Dual Lock are mated from the same single strip, so you will want to calculate the length you require on your board "and" pedals to determine the overall length of the single strip you require.

• Very versatile mates with other 3M product that has 170, 250 or 400 stems
• Engaged thickness: 230 mils. Thickness: 140 mils (carrier, adhesive) 4 mils (liner)
• Adhesive: acrylic (300 lse). carrier/backing: polypropylene
• Service/operating temperature: up to 200F
• Release liner: clear polyolefin film
• Excellent for mounting guitar effects pedals and power supplies to your pedal board

Technical Information:
Backing/Carrier: polypropylene Adhesive: acrylic (300 LSE)Release Liner: clear polyolefin film Thickness: 140 mils (carrier, adhesive) 4 mils (liner)Service/Operating Temperature: up to 200FEngaged Thickness: 230 milsPins: 250 per square inch.