XTA21 & FX22 Slim Line Series 4 Jack Patch Bay (Model 2)


What's Included:
• Model 2 Patch Bay (For XTA21 pedal Boards)
• 4 Mounting Screws

8 Stereo Jacks (4 IN and 4 OUT)
Matching color coded Jacks (4 IN and 4 OUT).
Compact Ruggedized design.

Accels 4 Jack Patch Bay is designed to minimize setup & tear down time by simplifying your “guitar to pedal board” (especially with switcher units) and “pedal board to amp cabling”. Matching color coded IN’s and Out jacks further simply the process. This patch bay is design to minimize space above or below you’re your pedal board.
Originally designed for our XTA21 and FX22 Pedal boards which mounts easily underneath on the left or right side of the pedal board with 4 mounting screws for Models 1 and 2. This product can also can easily on other pedal boards with 3M Dual Lock supplied with Model 3.

Model 1: Screw Mounting (under board side wall) - Designed for our FX22 Pedal Board

Model 2: Screw Mounting (under board side wall) - Designed for our XTA21 Pedal Board

Model 3: 3M Dual Lock Mounting (top board mounting) - Designed for Our XTA15, XTA25 and other manufactures pedal boards.

As with all Accel pedal board gear, a five year limited warranty is included.

Casing Material: .060 CRS Steel
Color: Black
Jack Manufacturer: Neutrik Stereo Jacks
Jack Nuts Material: Color coded steel jack nuts. (Green, Yellow. Blue, Red)

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