Insomniac Hybrid Delay (Pedal Blowout Sale!) Reg.$69.00


Accel's Insomniac Hybrid Delay does a nice job of giving you the best of both worlds between Analog and Delay. This pedal creates rich warm full bodied delay effects from short slap-back rockabilly sounds to longer atmospheric echoes. Designed with two stage separate chip sets, this greatly improves the delay quality and increases the accuracy of delay time. Within the circuitry of this digital delay, analog circuitry was also used to simulate the more traditional, pure analog sound that many guitarists seek. Max delay time is 1100ms (1.1seconds), and features a two mode toggle switch: 20-600ms, 20-1100ms. 600ms allows for a little faster repeats and delay times while the 1100ms is capable of longer, slower delays. Size 2.25" wide X 4.50" long.

· Mix Knob: Controls blend of wet and dry signals
· Delay Knob: Delay time
· Repeat Knob: Number of repeats
· Toggle Switch (2 way): 600ms / 1100ms
· Foot Switch: Toggles effect on/off (indicated by the LED)
· True bypass design

· Size: 2.25” (57mm) W x 4.50 (114mm) L
· Input Impedance: 1 MS
· Output Impedance: <7.5 kS
· Noise Floor:* >88 dB
· Current Draw: 2.2 mA
· Bypass Hardwire
· Power Source: 9V Battery or 9V DC Power Supply Output