Riser for XTA Tiered Pedal Boards


ACCEL's XTA Riser Plate is designed to be attached to Accel "Tiered" pedal board modules. The riser plate is an excellent addition to raise a portion of the bottom tier of the pedal board to the same level as the top tier for adding a larger pedal such as a wha/ volume pedal. Our to simply raise a lower profile pedal or a micro pedal that sits next to a higher profile pedal.

What's Included
· Riser Plate
· (2) Mounting screws

· Attaches to all Accel XTA Pro Tier Series Pedal Boards for Wha Volume pedal mounting.
· Mounts easily and securely with supplied mounting hardware
· Can be used to raise up standard size & micro size pedals

· Riser: Black
· Shell Material: Aluminum .080”
· Welded Support Brackets Material: Aluminum .080”
· Dimensions: 4.00” (101mm) W x 5.00” (127mm) L x 1.00 (25mm) H
· Weight: 6 oz.

User's Manual:

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