FX Power Source 10M Power Supply


Accel's "FX Power Source 10M" Featuring 10 regulated and filtered outputs with over voltage protection is sure to meet the needs of your everyday musician. Priced right, this power supply will pay for its self over time and save you the hassle of swapping out those pain in the neck 9V batteries. The FX Power Source 10M, powers 9V effects pedals on 8 outputs, which work with the majority of the pedals on the market. 9V power options: Outputs 1 - 7 (9V @ 100mA) Output 8 (9V @ 500mA). An effects pedal that has the option of being powered by a 9V battery requires less than 70mA and can be powered by any outputs 1-8. Output 8 is designed for the higher current 9V effects pedals and switchers out on the market. Or a daisy chain cable can be used to power more than one 9V pedal for output 8, depending on each pedals current limitations. Also The Accel FX Power Source 10M features one 12V @ 100mA output and one 18V @100 mA output for your 12V and 18V effects pedals. Input led indicator is Green. Each output voltage/mA's has a different color LED.

Power-------------------- GREEN
[email protected] Outputs- RED
[email protected] Output---BLUE
[email protected] Output---YELLOW
[email protected] Output---ORANGE

What's Included
· Accel FX Power Source 10M Power Supply
· (1) AC power adapter
· (2) 19.7” [50 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
· (6) 27.5” [70 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
· User's Manual

· 10 Fully Regulated and Filtered Outputs with Overvoltage Protection
· Outputs:1-7 (9V @ 100mA)
· Output: 8 (9V @ 500mA)
· Output: 9 (12V @100mA)
· Output: 10 (18V @ 100mA)
· Easy mount wings

· AC Input: Supplied 18V Power Adapter.
· DC Outputs 1-7: [email protected] 100mA
· DC Output 8: [email protected] 500mA
· DC Output 9: [email protected] 100mA
· DC Output 10: [email protected] 100mA
· Dimensions: 5.96” (151mm) L x 1.75” (44mm) W x 1.25” (32mm) H
· Weight 10oz.

User's Manual:

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