FX PowerSource 10M Power Supply

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Accel FX Power Source 10M: Featuring 10 regulated and filtered outputs with over voltage protection. The FX Power Source 10M, powers 9V effects pedals on 8 outputs, which work with the majority of the pedals on the market.

9V power options: Outputs 1 - 7 (9V @ 100mA) Output 8 (9V @ 500mA). An effects pedal that has the option of being powered by a 9V battery requires less than 70mA and can be powered by any outputs 1-8. Output 8 is designed for the higher current 9V effects pedals and switchers out on the market. 

Also the FX Power Source 10M features one 12V @ 100mA output and one 18V @100 mA output for your 12V and 18V effects pedals.

The input and each output voltage/mA's has a different color LED.

Power-------------------- GREEN
9V@100mA Outputs- RED
9V@500mA Output---BLUE
12V@100mA Output---YELLOW
18V@100mA Output---ORANGE

What's Included:
· Accel FX Power Source 10M Power Supply
· (1) AC power adapter
· (2) 19.7” [50 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
· (6) 27.5” [70 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
· User's Manual

· 10 Fully Regulated and Filtered Outputs with Overvoltage Protection
· Outputs:1-7 (9V @ 100mA)
· Output: 8 (9V @ 500mA)
· Output: 9 (12V @100mA)
· Output: 10 (18V @ 100mA)
· Easy mount wings

· AC Input: Supplied 18V Power Adapter.
· DC Outputs 1-7: 9V@ 100mA
· DC Output 8: 9V@ 500mA
· DC Output 9: 12V@ 100mA
· DC Output 10: 18V@ 100mA
· Dimensions: 5.96” (151mm) L x 1.75” (44mm) W x 1.25” (32mm) H
· Weight 10oz.