Pedal Boards

ACCEL's XTA series of tiered and non-tiered pedal boards are a modular series that look as good as they are versatile and functional. Each XTA model is designed for versatility as a stand-alone pedal board or can be linked together with any other Accel pedal board module as your pedal board demands increase. If your demands tend to increase and decrease at different times The XTA series also works well for those who wish to scale there pedal board up or down at will.

The different sizes and shapes of each XTA module and accessories gives you more freedom to configure your pedal board set up to best suit you. Our XTA series are built rock solid using an air craft grade aluminum sheet metal shell with welded or riveted supports (depending on the model) for a light weight rugged pedal board that is designed to handle constant use.

Each XTA-10,15 & 25 series pedal board has a universal power supply bay that easily accepts most manufactures power supplies and also has mounting holes to easily install and secure our fully isolated and regulated "Power Source 8" power supply can easily be oriented with the input or out puts facing out of the pedal board. Our XTA-21 easily mounts Accels Power Source 8 or 10M power supplies underneath using the pre-punched mounting patterns in the board. Or use the supplied 3M Dual Lock strip to easily mount any other manufactures power supply (3M Dual Lock was designed as an alternative to hardware mounting , this product is quite simply an excellent and very convenient solution for pedal board power supply mounting).

Our pedal boards are available with hard shell flight cases, semi-firm-flex cases, or soft shell totes. The virtually infinite number of pedal board configurations make it easy to design your Accel pedal board in a way that works best for you.