Accel "Power Source 8" Power Supply

The Power Source 8 power supply is designed with 8 fully isolated and regulated outputs. The Power Source 8 mounts conveniently into the front load bay of all Accel pedal board modules with 3 supplied screws.

Accel's "FX Power Source 8" Eight Output Power Supply is designed with a high efficiency transformer. Each output is fully isolated (with a total of 8 individually wound and isolated ground wires, 1 for each output), regulated with over voltage protection. The all aluminum anodized enclosure dissipates the heat rapidly and keeps components cool. Equipped with a voltage select switch, allows the power supply to work properly anywhere in the world. The "FX Power Source 8" mounts conveniently into the front load bay of all Accel pedal board modules with only three M4 mounting screws (supplied). The FX Power Source 8 powers, 9V, 12V & 18V effects pedals. While there are 2 adjustable outputs (9V-18V & 5V-9V) and 4 selectable outputs (9V or 12V), 9V's is available on all outputs to work with the majority of effects pedals on the market.

9V power options:
Outputs 1 - 6; (100mA's) An effects pedals that has the option of being powered by a 9V battery requires less than 70mA and can be powered by any outputs 1-6 set to 9V.
Outputs 7 - 8; (350mA's) Outputs 7 and 8 are designed for the higher current 9V effects pedals and switchers out now on the market.
Or a Daisy chain cable can be used to power more than one 9V pedal for these outputs depending on each pedals current limitations . However, remember when daisy chaining pedals off of one output,
that group of pedals only, on that particular output are not isolated from each other, (only other outputs) and may inject noise into your setup, depending on the pedals you have grouped together in that one output.

12V power options:
Outputs: 3-6; When switched to 12V outputs 3,4,5,6 are designed to accept BOSS ACA type pedals and some digital modeling pedals.

18V power option;
Output 1; Begins at 9V and can be adjusted and up to 18V for pedals that require 18V.

Low Battery Simulation option:
Output 2; Can be adjusted from 9V down to 5V to be used to simulate a low battery which comes in handy if you have older transistor based distortion and fuzz pedals.

To get optimum quietness of any isolated output power supply, Do not exceed the specified mA's per output. Not to mention it could overheat your power supply .

Weight: 2 lb
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