Pedal Board Bundles

Designed to fit pedalboard bundles: Design considerations for all Accel bundle packages are always in place up front as our products are being designed.

Save Money: Buy as a bundle instead of separately. Free Shipping on all bundles shipped within the US.

Save Time: Get what you need in one bundle.

Save Frustration: Avoid bundles piece milled together with multiple manufactures products. No drilling, No power supply mounting brackets required!

Customize a bundle from our line of products to meet your needs:Send us an email to and we will be happy to reply with a quote!

Domestic Shipping: Shipping is free within the US.
International Shipping: For international orders, email our support staff under our "Support" drop down menu for payment instructions and discounted shipping rates before ordering.

All Accel pedal board products are "designed to fit" for each Pedal Board Bundle that we sell. We have several options of each model to best suit your needs!