FX22 Command Center

Accel's FX22 Command Center pedalboard keeps it clean with a great solution for those who can appreciate easy setup, straight forward cabling, simple power supply mounting, easy pedal swapping and an intuitive programmable 8 loop switcher in one no nonsense pedal board. Using the same proven robust circuitry as the FX8 switcher, the FX22 features the same 4 presets per bank, with 20 banks total with the ability to program up to 80 presets, but also the ability to set up active banks so you can narrow the range of presets to your specific requirements. Out of the 20 banks available, we have split these into two groups of 10 for those who play in more than one band, play different genre's of music or who simply would like to clearly define two different setups. This will further simplify your effects switching on stage or at rehearsal. With 8 Effects pedal loops, you can run 7 loops in front of your amp and 1 in the effects loop or all 8 in front of your amp . The FX22 Command Center also has 2 dedicated foot switches, to get the most out of your amp switching capabilities. Tuner/Mute Function, Bank up and Bank down function. Factory reset function. Easy Bypass functionality. This pedal board is made in the USA!

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