Pedal Board Power Supplies

Pedal Board Power Supplies:

There are predominantly 3 different types of isolated output power supplies on the market. 

  • Individually Isolated Outputs: These are linear design power supplies which have separate individually insulated/isolated grounds with each output wound within the transformer. Linear technology is a time tested technology (well known for it's reliability over switching power supplies) and most commonly used where strict noise mitigation and reliability is extremely important such as in the field of audio. Our FX Power Source 8 and FX Power Source 12 are also designed with the type of isolation guitarist have come to expect when purchasing an isolated output power supply.

  • Grouped Isolated Outputs: These typically also have true isolation, but the outputs are isolated in groups. Another words for example if outputs 1-4 and 5-8 are isolated as a separate groups. The only isolation which would exist in this scenario is between the two groups. Outputs 1-4 would not be isolated from each other and outputs 5-8 would not be isolated for each other.

  • Advertised as Isolated but are not isolated: Those who advertise these as isolated justify it by following up the term Isolated Short Circuit / Overcurrent Protected somewhere in there description, features or specs area. The average cost of these are typically well under $100.00. Plain and simple, these are not truly isolated output power supplies.

If you don’t have a noisy pedals in your chain you can probably get away with a non-isolated output power. Our Power Source 10M and Compact Power Source 6 both feature regulated and filtered outputs with over voltage protection which work well for those without an inherently noisy set up and can save you some cash.

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