XTA21 Stage Pro

Accel’s XTA21 Stage Pro Pedal Board: This board was designed with future expansion in mind in a way that sets it apart from other pedal boards on the market.

Adding a loop switcher:
Chances are if you don’t already have a programmable loop switcher commanding your pedals, you will be working one into your setup sometime in the near future. Accel offers a selection of depths with our front mount loop switcher extensions for the most flexibility when choosing your loop swtcher. The position of the front mount loop switcher extensions offer an excellent cable management solution for your pedalboard. Simply route your cables from the switcher (already) underneath the surface of the board up to the top surface where your pedals are.

Easily add Accel's 4 jack patch bay underneath on either side of the board into our pre-punched mounting holes. There is also 4 mounting locations for Neutrik or Switchcraft panel mount connection modules (MIdi, 1/4" Jack, USB, XLR etc… ).

Easy power supply mounting:
Designed with pre-punched customer mounting holes for easy screw mounting of Accel’s FX Power Source 8, 10M &12 power supplies. You can also apply two strips of 3M dual to easily and securely mount your current power supply.

Think you may need more room down the road?
All Accel pedal boards can easily mount extensions on the right or left of the board. While our XTA21 and XTA25's have the additional feature of mounting an extension to the front of the board. 


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