(Model 2) 4 Jack Pedal Board Patch Bay Slim Line Series

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Model 2: Universal design for pedal boards which are not Accel pedal boards. This model is to be mounted with the supplied 3M Dual Lock.

What's Included:
• Model 2 Patch Bay

• 4 Mounting Screws (In case you have a drill and decide to hard mount to your board) 

• 3M Dual Lock mounting strips.

Matching color coded stereo jacks (4 IN and 4 OUT).
Compact Ruggedized design.

Accels 4 Jack Patch Bay is designed to minimize setup & tear down time by simplifying your “guitar to pedal board” (especially with switcher units) and “pedal board to amp cabling”.

Matching color coded IN’s and Out jacks further simplify the process. This patch bay is designed to minimize space above or below you’re your pedal board!

Model 2 can can easily be mounted on other pedal boards with the supplied 3M dual lock. 3M Dual lock was design to be an alternative to hardware mounting (basically Velcro on steroids), an excellent product for this application. That said, there are also steel pressed in 6-32 threads on two surfaces for those who want to take a drill to there board to hardware mount, but it's really not necessary.  



Dimensions: 3.25”(82.5) W x 1.60” H (40.6 mm) x 1.10” (27.9 mm) DP

Casing Material: .060 CRS Steel
Casing Color: Black
Jack Manufacturer: Neutrik Stereo Jacks
Jack Nuts Material: Color coded "steel" jack nuts. (Green, Yellow. Blue, Red)