FX8 Command Center 8 Loop Programmable Switcher

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Accel's FX8 Command Center is one of the most compact and intuitive programmable 8 Loop switchers on the market. Featuring 4 presets per bank, 20 banks total with the ability to program up to 80 presets. Also the ability to set up active banks so you can narrow the range of banks set to your specific requirements, minimizing the need to unnecessarily bank up or down. Out of the 20 banks available, we have split these into two groups of 10 for those who play in more than one band, play different genre's of music or who simply would like to clearly define two different setups. This will further simplify your effects switching on stage or at rehearsal. With 8 Effects pedal loops, you can run 7 loops in front of your amp and 1 in the amps effects loop or all 8 in front of your amp . The FX8 Command Center also has 2 dedicated foot switches to get the most out of your amp switching capabilities (The amp switching function applies to amps with normally open or normally closed switch designs, not proprietary switch designs). Also Tuner/Mute Function, Bank Up and Bank Down Foot Switches, Factory Reset & Easy Bypass functionality.

What's Included
• FX8 Command Center
• User's Manual

· Instant recall (no latency)
· True bypass design
· Soft touch switches
· 8 loops in total, 7 series loops and 1 separate loop
· 2 dedicated foot switches (latch type)
· Individual Tuner/Mute switch
· Master bypass access
· 4 presets per bank
· 20 Banks
· Store up to 80 presets
· Active Bank Setup Mode “ABS” allows you to narrow bank down desired number of banks
· Factory Reset
· Very intuitive switcher programming and operation

· Power Requirements: DC9V@350mA (center negative barrel connector)
· Dimensions between all 1/4" TS and TRS Jacks: .80” (20mm)
· Product Dimensions:18.90” (480mm) W x 2.36” (60mm) DP x 2.05” (52mm) H
· Weight; 2 lbs 2 oz