Accel’s XTA21 Pedal Board is designed with pre-punched customer mounting holes for Accel’s FX Power Source 8 & FX Power Source 12 isolated output power supply and FX Power Source 10M power supply. This board is designed in mind with future expansion in mind. Chances are if you don’t already have a programmable switcher looper commanding your pedals, you will be working it into your set up sometime in the future. Taking that into consideration you can save some good hard earned cash and a bit unnecessary frustration down the road. Cable management is easy with the XTA21. This design really stands apart from the rest of the pedal boards on the market when you add a switcher bracket to the front. Since the switcher is already set below the surface of the board, routing is very straight forward. You simply route your cables from the switcher (already) underneath the boards up to the top surface where your pedals are. There are a selection of switcher looper mounting brackets with different depths that can be mounted to the front of the board. Also as with all XTA models Accel’s wha / volume extensions can be easily mounted on the left and/or right side of the board. Pedals, cables and power supply are shown for demonstration purposes only.


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