Here’s a few points manufactures rarely talk about, but it’s good practical information:
We understand the logistics of purchasing effects pedals in the world market today and are aware of the reality of possibly ending up with an overpriced paper weight. Due to the location of the manufacturer, quality control, workmanship, and other factors, or even a defective part that has completely failed over time revealing its defect or for other reasons.

Sometimes components fail:
You can purchase a $50.00 pedal or a $250.00 pedal, at whatever price range, there is a defect rate on all components and they can fail for a number of reasons beginning with the component manufacturer to ending with how the product makes it you.

Sometimes it’s design or workmanship issues:
Poorly soldered components, inherent design defects in the electrical or mechanical design that add any undue stress to a particular component.

Sometimes it’s customer handling:
Excessive shock and vibration: (Dropping it down a flight of stairs repeatedly). Many (not all) can handle quite a bit of abuse within reason. Of course avoiding factors such as applying the wrong voltage, yanking too hard on the battery cable, using a high current non-regulated power source, not protecting a pedal from power surges, are always important factors to take into consideration when caring for your pedal..

All said, once a pedal has been powered up and running for a few hours the large majority of the remaining defects will show themselves within that window of time. It’s merely a very low percentage, which becomes a statistical issue from that point on, if proper designs and quality controls are in place.

If you find yourself jumping through hoops getting a unit fixed or replaced by any manufacturer out there, they may be having a problem with quality control issues in general and a higher than acceptable defect rate than they are willing to come to terms with. Or even geographical location issues that make return shipping impractical.

While there is still some credibility to the notion that overseas designed and manufactured product in general is inferior to US product. Some common sense should be applied. China for example is no longer considered a 3rd world country and the vast majority of electronics is, and has been manufactured over their for the past 20 - 30 years or so. Effects pedals are not exactly rocket science these days in the more developed countries, manufacturing, engineering or otherwise. The more credible overseas company's design and manufacture some very nice pedals. The "crux" is knowing which companies to buy from and models to buy. You want to minimize your chances if something does go wrong, so you don't end up with an overpriced paper weight. Our goal is to offer the best of both worlds; great sounding pedals you can buy at a very nice price with a warrantee that is actually practical and useful should you need it.

All our pedals are individually powered up and burned in before we ship. We are based in Anaheim, California.

Our growing line of "Select Series" effects pedals were birthed after researching the vastly increasing number of designs and manufactures on the market. Sorting and sifting through these designs to find the gems with the level of tone and quality workmanship we are confident in standing behind, has been a long and interesting journey.
We are so confident in these designs and workmanship, that we include a five year warranty with all effects pedals. Our five year warranty on all our pedals is limited to pedals that have not been reworked or modified by anyone other than Accel or a qualified Accel service tech.