XTA10 Pro Compact Pedal board without case (Blemished)

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Blemished Item:

To many boards to take individual photos of, so the standard ad photo is shown. If the description below works for you and your looking for a structually well built small board, then it's a great deal.    

We have several XTA10's that returned from our paint shop that are lightly blemished in a few spots on each board. Basically small scrapes. Your pedals and hook and loop may or may not cover them up, but more than likely will. Either way they are just small paint blemishes and fairly insignificant, unless the aesthetics of an unloaded board are critical to you.

For someone looking for a small rock solid board without a case you get a great deal and we get to clear them out.   


What's Included
· XTA10 Pro Compact pedal board 
· Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop Pedal Mounting Strips
· 2 Strain Relief Style Hole Plugs
· Cable Ties
· Quick Start Sheet
· User's Manual

(All power supplies and effects pedals are shown for demonstration purposes only.)

· Rugged Compact Modular Design
· Excellent cable management
· Valuable space saving design
· Extremely easy power supply mounting using Accel or other manufacturer’s power supplies
· Modularity (easily add, reposition, remove extensions and other modules)

· Pedal Board Color Choices: Black
· Shell Material: Aluminum .080”
· Welded Support Brackets Material: Aluminum .080”
· Dimensions: 10.50” (267mm) W x 13.00” (330mm) DP x 2.50” (63mm) H
· Weight; 2 lbs 9 oz